Hiraeth Clique was founded on July 18th, 2020. However, the passion behind the brand has lived on long before it was founded. I have always took an interest in cars my entire life. In fact , my parents would often comment on how they would think that I would end up either as an engineer and or a mechanic because of my fascination with taking apart hot wheels to figure out how they work as a child. My fascination with cars only continued to grow over the years, from me memorizing and naming every single car that passed by on the road, to going to my barber and being infatuated with his silver Nismo 350z.
Fast forward to June 2020, like everyone else in the world, I went through a tough time in my personal life. During this period of time I felt out of control, like I had nothing to be proud of, and like I needed to make a change. I wanted something to show for myself thus, Hiraeth Clique was founded. 
Hiraeth Clique has changed my life in ways I would've never thought possible. I'm the happiest I've ever been, I've met so many people that I can confidently call family, and I've gained so many new experiences and learning so many new skills and all of that is because of you guys. 
Thank you guys for the constant support you've given me. I look forward to growing our community even more than ever before, we all are a family. Never stop chasing your dreams, success is what you make of it.

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