Over the past few months, I've met a lot of people who I now consider family. Naturally, I've also have had a lot of questions about my brand.

"What got you into it?" "how were you able to gain so many followers?" "what do you plan on doing next"


These three questions tend to be the most common questions I receive on a day to day basis. And while I love to answer these questions, I tend to feel like my answer tends to lead back to two factors: Drive and Determination.

As a brand owner, every day is a new day, a fresh start to re-evaluate yourself and an opportunity to find new ways to reach your goals. Sometimes, I struggle to stay motivated like every other person. It can be hard to figure out where I need to be and what I need to be doing to further myself to my personal goals. And while some days I may not get any closer to my goals, it's that fact that I tried.


I personally believe success is not defined by achievement. I believe success is defined by how you can bounce back from failure. Rome wasn't built in a day, and nor was Hiraeth. Hiraeth was my third and FINAL attempt at trying to build something for myself. Before Hiraeth, I had tried two other times to build a brand, one around music, and one around memes. Two of the most saturated markets in the world. I had also tried my hand at drop-shipping to no success, another overly saturated market with very little room for success and do you know why?


A lot of people now and days chase after things that they are not passionate about, after things they can use for a quick buck, they do not think about longevity. I had that same mindset before creating Hiraeth. What I had failed to realize with my other adventures such as drop-shipping, I had no passion for it, and no way to separate myself from the pack. In drop-shipping, or other heavily saturated fields like Onlyfans, there is no natural growth. With these fields you have to generate your own traffic, it isn't a get rich quick scheme as people like to make it out to be. You can easily waste time, money, or even sacrifice your morality, reputation and sanity just to make a few sales to friends or family and who else? It's a very tiring process that you can get lost into easily trying to be the next big thing with everything actively working against you and it'll kill your drive.

I encourage you to learn from your mistakes and keep trying again, you could be one attempt away from a success. Just do it.


What's my drive? 


Everyone's drive, motivations and goals will be different from person to person. For me, my daily drive is to end the day closer to my goal of having the strongest, most engaging, and fastest growing automotive brand in the car scene. To create something I'm passionate about that can potentially provide a better life for myself, my family as well as my close friends as we share the common goal of 'making it one day'...


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As if you weren’t my motivation already . This “Drive” passage speaks volume. Why? Simply because you speaks facts and everyday experiences. Keep on pushing and being such a great motivation for others including myself. I hope we can meet one day . As we’re both car enthusiasts and content creators 💪

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