Throughout my time growing the Hiraeth brand, I've had many questions. Many of those questions that I had, I wouldn't have been able to answer without the help from people that I have developed connections with. Building your network with other people is extremely important when growing a brand as it offers an opportunity for your job to become easier! 
I'm very thankful for the people I've met and had the opportunity to learn from. The opportunities that come from just build your network can be life changing. It could offer another means of cross growth between you and the people you have connected with, as well as offer ways out of a sticky situation with the guidance of others that have been where you are. 
My now close friend JP, owner of the IS300 featured (@jesus__pedraza), is a person who I've met during my journey and has been a huge help with the launch of our Nostalgia Slap. I wouldn't have been able to get the photos I needed of the slaps without him. Without him, the drop would've been delayed another week or two. Thank you JP.
Another connection that I have made during my journey growing Hiraeth is the owner of @403_streetdriven. Most of the success I've experienced with Hiraeth would have not been possible without 403 Street Driven.
As you can see, growing your personal network of connections is vitally important for success. Do not be afraid to compromise, be open minded and ask questions, there will always be an answer and someone will be willing to help. 
Thank you JP and 403 Street Driven for making this launch possible.

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